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Music Buy Now Song of the Sea Gone Attracted to the Water With You Les Cyclades This song about betrayal,written  in the spring of 1989, which turned Out to be prophetic. By the end of  Summer, it had come to pass.Thanks  to Michele, made this video,and to  Rachel, who played the Bad Girl! As I said, if you’d like to buy any of the above  or browse more songs, why not pop over to my Bandcamp site  where you can download single or multiple tracks:   https://anthonyhodgson.bandcamp.com/

I love music.

I love listening to it.

I love playing it.

I love making it.

I love writing it.

I love music because it make me feel alive.

Music unites people. Music lifts people.

Music is the most powerful medicine I know

for depression and I use it pretty much every day.

Music is a language. Even if I don’t understand you and you don’t understand me, yet through music it can be as if we’d known each other for years. Music is magical. Music is spiritual. Music is universal

and a gift to be shared.

So here are some of my songs.

If you like them, there’s a link to my Bandcamp site

at the bottom of the page, where you can browse more songs,

read the lyrics or download tracks.

It’s my hope, wish and prayer

that my music bless you today.



starting your life all over again.
Imagine being reborn.
Imagine you are loved as you are.
Imagine that you accepted as you are.
Imagine that there is a plan for your future, a good plan, a plan that will see you flourish and grow and prosper.
A plan that is only for you

because you are unique.
Because there is no one like you

in the whole of history.
That's what this song is about.

Holy Spirit

It was 1984, I was at secondary school (high school) when I was invited to a Christian festival called Spring Harvest by a school friend called Peter Karlick. What I experienced there ‘blew my mind’ and I returned ‘on fire for God’. Shortly afterwards I started going to the monthly Days of Renewal at Ampleforth College in North Yorkshire.
The Days of Renewal were held in the crypt of this famous Catholic boy's school and facilitated by some of the monks - Fr Stephen Wright and Fr Ian Petit. The worship, led by a music teacher, Brendan Walls, featured prominently in the services and I became part of the youth group that played and sang.
There was something special about those meetings, part of the spiritual revival within the Catholic Church at the time which came to be known as the Charismatic Renewal. 'Holy Spirit', written by a young trainee priest called Mark McGreevy, was one of the songs we sang.

All of the above YouTube videos are from the album Stonepenge.

Stonepenge was the name of the band I was in

while I was teaching at an international language school,

King’s School in Beckenham in south London from 2007 to 2012.

Initially, Stonepenge was made up Steve Bullen (bass),

Jeremy Goes (guitar, harmonica), Ronnie Haar (guitar, vocals),

Michele Monks (violin, vocals)and myself.

Jeremy later left the band to leave the four of us.

Thierry Deneux was our drummer during the recording sessions

and a couple of live gigs in Penge. We disbanded in 2013.